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Toy Soldier (Remix)

Album: Rush the Sea - written with Chris James
Stephanie Pauline






God will be real with us when we are real with Him. This raw confession of need poured out after I had done some concerts in detention centers. I was overwhelmed by the need in the world; the pain that can be held in a young persons’ heart. The Toy Soldier on my keychain I carry to remind me that I'm a warrior in Christ was sitting on my piano - starin' at me. Even Jesus wept; and was spent at times. If you listen, you can hear the divine reply.

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Toy Soldier The toy soldier on my key chain reminds me I'm a warrior There's a creed I could say morning, noon and night And everywhere I turn I must be aware of the danger Always on guard, always ready for the fight And it may be true I'm more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ But I don’t' feel like a conqueror tonight *So can I- Rest on your shoulder Will you - Carry me home It feels so- Far Away Please don't - Leave me here alone And tonight - If it’s okay There's one thing I wanna do Can I - Put down my armor And just - be a daughter to you I've braved mighty oceans and mountaintop adventures I've stood on your word dauntless, proud and free But everything I prized drops lifeless on this battlefield With no sense of you - it all makes no sense to me Now with a flash, a shell shocked reality comes blasting through And I know that I'm nothing - I'm nothing without you BRIDGE: This warfare waged has wore me thin There's shrapnel underneath my skin My sword is stained, my hands are red You know my thoughts before they're said

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