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Three Blind Mice

Album: Laura Monagan
Laura Monagan




Spiritual (sub)


Acoustic guitar and vocals. I wrote this song while walking across America on the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. The song's lyrics describe the spirit of the journey and the concern for our future at that time when the nuclear arms race was out of control.

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Three blind mice, see how they run, see how they run from each other; each of the three, too blind to see, too blind to see his own brother. The hunter has gone for the season, the sailor has gone to sea, the warrior wages a hundred years' war, and my love has gone from me. I've got a friend with a ring on her finger, I've got a friend with chains on her heart; no one can see like my two friends and me; where there once was one heart out there, now there are three. And the wind can blow hard at the window and the waves can roll in from the sea; love can stay outside or love can come in' my love is here with me. Friends, a circle of them light up this road, walk two by two; wrap an arm around and talk like a toad; I will, will you? I have waited for a pull on the strings; we all have wings we all have wings. Birds of passage, moving town after town; Birds of passage, bringing the danger down. Foundling race, no trace behind us; who will be out there to find us? We life our eyes, search the skies, change the winds of fate to favor. If all else fails, on spirit sails we'll fly as one forever.

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