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Like the World is Ending

Album: Don't Paint Your Days So Gray
Man in a Crowd






I felt it from a window seat of a westbound plane over Kansas City on that flight I took to get myself away from you. When suddenly my hands went numb and my face turned red and my breath got heavy. Prayed to that god that I'd been cursing, "Don't let it happen again so soon". Took one last sip of Scotch and kicked my shoes off. I dimmed the lights and pulled the shades and just tried to get some rest. What if I told you I would love you like the world was ending, if you could only meet me on the other side tonight? And if this plane goes down in flames inside some field or ocean, just know the last thing on my mind was how I never loved you right. I heard you date some author now, he's a damn good writer but don't put you in his stories. So I thought I'd write you just one more for old time's sake. Remember when you told me this town was just like a magnet pulling us back here? I never thought that I'd run far enough or strong enough to break. Hum one last lonely melody as I drift to sleep. Cross my fingers and hope dreaming would carry me away. Baby, I will turn this plane around and land it right outside your house. And I will take you in my arms and never let you go again. So if I fall right from the sky, you will know exactly why as I whisper in your ear the things I never said.

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