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Back to Hell

Album: Crash Landing EP
Almost Alien




A colour reflection from the 90s era pop-punk scene, with an emphasis on catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms. Hitting heavy topics from break-ups to lives in ruin, this album is sure to hit home.

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Look back at everything, and take back what you've done. You regret everything even though you were the only one who succumbed to this, but still you try to run in the wrong direction, thinking it might get you where you want. And I've got a story to tell, but bringing it up means bringing me back to hell. And I've found a way to define this broken guy you've left behind. Look back for anything to help me to define a single shred of happiness but nothing, no nothing comes to mind. And I'm afraid that one day I'm gonna have to see your face and everything will change.

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