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Hard Liquor

Album: Senistar






Every once and a while a song comes around that breaks the normal flow and renovates the entire experience of Hip Hop! This is it. Senistar brings the Heat and keeps you on the Dance Floor. Senistar is an Our Stage Best Hip Hop Video Award winner for his song "Don't Have Sex In Public". "Hard Liquor" promises to be another Blaze straight from the hard core of the Sun! Available on Itunes!

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Hard Liquor by Senistar You want to get up, you better show some respect Or I ’ma twist you around like you’re a cracked Rolex Yo! Check her stripping like she crazy in her video for what? Not her man… Now Hubby Rap Blue Gwap to the Coop But who’s fooling who, I’m feeling for your fans Chorus You’ze a Hard Liquor, Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha Yo, what’s your next move put the mic in your mouth So pretty in your face but you still got doubt It’s no need to play yourself when you’re married bail out It’s no need to play yourself when you’re not married Yo, what you bomb Libya for You venetian blind this America Boy You could lick a bomb explode and don’t die you still a boy Ha, how you let your wife get drunk with the boys You’ze hard liquor You put her next to some balls while you bug off toys You’ze a.. Hard liquor Ha, ha, ha, ha, I remember talking to you online Little Wayne Told you you’d be a Jesus, you should flip it on the Kane NYPD locked him up, I hope the book is on the UP A gun charge aint enough to keep the blackness in the cuffs Satanic images are all out there, it’s a plan Don’t think every black man is scared though Unlike your man Pedro that don’t think his black But his grandmamma’ s blacker than the Puma is a cat How many hard liquors we got, get math-e-matics Spit and Ramon hit the 3rd rail on Beat Street Ramon got up, that’s what it is if you spit at me I aint trying to make sense I make epiphany’s It’s Thousands of yah, but in the end there will be not one Hard Liquor ha ha ha ha Yo! Hard Liquor There’s hard liquors in the Heaven’s in Harlem. How do you solve them? Patience prayer, rise above’em But when the Son of Man gets’s betrayed just hang’em Chase’em , take the point, don’t debate them. But when the Son of Man gives the call we give’em mayhem Chase’em, take the point, just replace’em Like bad parts to Maybachs that won’t start… You look expensive but lack a million march heart And all you brothers like to call yourselves dogs You hard liquors cause you treat each other hog…. I like to have fun with the lyrics, you know Iove all of yall I’m just responding to the soul, it’s the buzz yall. Can’t buy me I’m like buoyant Floating on water worth crazy reppin’ Toussaint You fake gantstas you don’t know what this is I done been there, you heard the news, it’s a glitch The “S” in the word news is for shhhhh Don’t tell nobody I did this, You’ze a.. Hard Liquor ha ha ha ha Yo! Hard Liquor

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