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Are We Gonna Work Out

Album: The Other Side
C. Ivan Osborn




R & B


A song written by C. Ivan Osborn, produced by Prestige of The Rec Room. PREMISE OF SONG: In love with someone you just can't seem to get along with. You get to a point where you ask yourself is love really worth it if you are in constant conflict with the one you love.

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I love somebody, the love is strong But for some reason, we can’t get along Its hard to deal, with instability Instead of arguing, we should be connecting So you wanna talk, ok I do to But you constantly, have me going through Questioning everything, yet no resolve How can we move forward, what do we do now I don’t know what to do about us I don’t know what to say There’s no doubt that I love you But love shouldn’t cause all this pain Are we gonna work out I’m not sure if you and I are meant to be I don’t think being in love’s supposed to be this difficult If it is, I’d rather we’d just be by ourselves We talk and we talk, like you wanted to We end up yelling, everythings misunderstood You have your feelings, I have mine But you gotta prove your right, why can’t we just compromise I’m getting real scared, cause theres no progress Confusion sets in, adding on more stress It makes me wonder, why are we together I don’t think we’re gonna make it to forever ARE the moments we share worth it when WE can’t even talk to each other, are we GONNA make this WORK OUT

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