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verified deviant

Album: Obstacles and Obstetricians






inspired by Miss Dysfunktion

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Verified Deviant Keeping to the outside, sometimes wandering in Magic in the moment but getting under the skin The world of diva's and those warlord boots Pierced to the heart but loving it too Ink on the pages written by designs Illustrated manuscript is lookin' real fine Known to the world as somebody else Look in the eyes and get lost in the self Of a Verified Deviant A verified deviant Behind the scenes that give lie to a life Caught in the act being far too polite Nothing racy but image is all Complete seduction so off the wall Business first and so digging the shoes A sense of purpose, the right not to choose Speaks the mind, can be very blunt Sometimes it seems that's what they want Of a Verified Deviant A verified deviant Walking the dog, a beached afternoon Living a dream, making them swoon All that matters is purpled and black Nothing ventured, until green on attack Prim and proper discussing the trades No devil child but definitely from hades Turn on a dime that dynamite smile Lost for all time they are coming for miles For a Verified Deviant A verified deviant and all those things that they can think of studded leather and those handcuffs On a Verified Deviant A verified deviant (a very fine deviant) Not a consumer but one who consumes Not a follower like the rest of you Not a leader but examples do lead Not complacent, and not into scenes Still a Verified Deviant A verified deviant Who the hell wants to be considered normal these days? What the fuck is normal anyway? Don't you wanna be A verified deviant too? Copyright 2012 Bradley Garfield Needham All rights reserved.

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