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YoungMain from tha North of Memphis "All I Drive"


Rap/Gangsta Rap


YoungMain from tha North of Memphis "All I Drive" Video from the Acura Music "EP" by: Spike Heavy, D.Wade, Phattycoo

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All I Drive is Acura, call me a bachela, kush in my lungs tryna get this money fasta. Catch me if you can like the ginga bread man wit this money in my hand im try to flip it if i can. i know class im high class hatas can kiss my ass im bout money aint none funny when it comes to gettin cash lookin in, let me in now its my time to shine dividends them my friends im ona crime pays grind all i drive is ac i kno most ni$$as dont know bout dat tell dat hoe, get some acrite and bring that cash rite back thats i live i gets it in outa hoes ass if she aint givin me money she to can kiss my ass you can invest in the best and expect only the most learned the game from the best pimps, drug dealers and hoes fresh crease in the afta hours bout three a.m. full of that bud and drank late nights watchalll know bout them rims shinin feelin good whip clean im griipin wood bitches love to be around money so im all good diamonds shinin niggas grindin i gotta get it off he can sit on it if he want im gettin mine boss call me a bachela because i am a playa eliminate insecure women and fuck allof you hatas what can she do for me besides give me a headache yo she can bring that money home and put it in my pockets tho so what you sayin is that most women only good for cash exactly what im sayin they talk too much and i dont kiss ass im strictly about hittin this highway money from state to state hita couple spots set my traps watchem take the bait catch me if you can like the gingabread man been gettin money sincei was justa youngman now ima youngmain im onmy game and im stackin bread hung around them scholars and veterans you know them oldheads

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