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Win It All






Win It All is about the motivation to conquer all things I set my eyes on. I'm not just doing this for myself, but for the people I love to live a better life. I've done a lot of telling people I'm gonna make it. Now it's about time I prove it!

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[Hook]: All I care about is winning, winning, winning. And this money that I'm spending, spending, spending. I wanna win it all for you. Win it all for you. Win it all for you baby. (2X) Verse 1: We living in a world filled with money to make us stronger. Put your morals to the side, make your dollars a little longer. In a place where people go to jail for tryna feed they daughters. They only had the opportunities of manslaughter. The money rules everything. So how life without it would go? I wouldn't wanna know, just sticking to the status quo. I've seen some people switch it up & disappear. Why the things that make us happiest can also make us fear? All the riches you could possibly achieve in a year. You blow it off on new beginnings & the European gear. If your money could unite us, why it make us drift apart? I aint surprised cuz this is something that I knew right from the start. I've burned bridges with some friends, but I aint proud of it. I create myself to sound like something that that crowd doesn't. I'd pay the world if it guaranteed me making it. Success contains failure, it's bout time I start embracing it. [Hook] Verse 2: Was conceived by a queen, now I'm heir to the throne. Love my mother & my sisters. Even if it's barely shown. Certain things I never say, cuz they're better off doing. Searching for a better path, always got a plan brewing. Owe everything I achieve to my mother. The things that she done gave up for me, love her like no other. Cuz really if I'm balling, then she balling. I promised I'd put my all in. Put my heart inside the game just so people could know my name. All the sacrificial things we do tryna rise to the fame. Like I'm really tryna win it all, but y'all think it's a game. See this world is only made for the winners. And if you aint strong enough, best believe you gon get ate up like a dinner. Bout half the people we trust really turning out to be snakes. They aiming for where it hurts. Who really got what it takes? They trying to shake you up like earthquakes do. Don't EVER let somebody feel like they got the power to make or break you. [Hook] Verse 3: I'm bound to make a breakthrough that will cause my revelation. Let down many times before. That must be why I'm levitating. I be acting like the people that's opposing me are dead. What the hell I look like letting all they thoughts inside my head? Instead of witnessing success, you'd rather beat me to the ground. Don't be mad cuz all you good for is giving people a pound. Ask around! Ain't tryna settle til I'm good friends with the crown. Fuck that tryna be down shit. Niggas looking like some clowns! Knocking down the very doors that people slammed into my face. Doing better is just the matter of picking up on my pace. We living in a world where status is altered by our race. I never knew your pigmentation could turn you to a disgrace. My superlative quality just happened to be my writing. Tryna live inside a world I could reach some new heights in. Won't ever settle for a title other than a pioneer. It's funny how I enjoy some of the things I used to fear. Brave heart. Work of art. Ain't stopping til they all proud of me. How stupid you must feel if in the past you had some doubt in me. ;) I do this for the people who are always down to ride for me. Making them smile & showing them why I'm the prodigy. Kathy, Esha, Tiffany; my mother & my sisters. Plus Alexi & Harvi; them my sisters from other misters. Can't forget my dude Saneem, we all chasing the dream. Cash rules everything around me. C.R.E.A.M. was always the theme.

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