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VIDEO: Drake "Headlines" Remix feat Shei Atkins




Shei Atkins Remix's Drake's "Headlines"

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I dont need no compliments All I need is confidence Took a break, Now Im back, Michael J 96 97, 98 Three straight championships Wrote a book, Got in shape Mentally Im built for this I been inna game for a minute Pass me the ball cuz ya girl gone win it They say they want the real well Im finsta bring it Cut the track let'em hear me sing it Im so sick that its not even funny Killed the remix, courtesy of young money going in, Yeah its time to win wanna know my story? Hmmmm where should I begin No dont do it, Cause if I do it They gon start hatin, then Imma have to prove it Im about this money, they can watch me when I make it Cause when you really doing it you dont even have to say it They know That the real is one the rise. Watch me touch the sky I even gave em a chance to decide but trust me they know. Bout to change the game you can call me Shei Obama Name another artist you can market any genre Susie, Ronnie, Jonny, Tommy, Tammy even Tonya Im so dope I'll have your daddy slow dancing wit mama I do this for my ladies all of my ladies that's been thru a lot of pain so imma spit the real give'em something they can feel to help'em make it thru the rain cuz they hurting U can check my stats. I''ve been touching hearts since way way back So if I never get a plaque I can die knowing God is pleased with that yeah Drake: u know that they ain't even got it like that Yeah yeah I know drizzy but that ain't how they act Drake: cuz I live for this it isn't just a hobby like that. Said I live for this it isn't just a hobby like that they know

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