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Written by: Erica Morgan

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I wrote this tune when I was eighteen about a guy I had a huge crush on throughout high school. Well anyways… this guy I wrote it about would come to all my performances, but little did he know that all the songs I would perform in front of him were actually about him. I guess that's the only rebellious side of me! I would get up on stage and sing the most obvious lyrics one can think of and he still had no clue how much I liked him. After two years went by, I decided to write a song that pretty much asked him "did you think how I ran so you could chase me like that and how I didn't let go in case you one day loved me back. Did you think about me at all?" It was my venting song. Guys can be so oblivious 99.9% of the time and it can get really frustrating! So in a situation like that, I did what I do best…I wrote a song…about him. Shortly after releasing it, he messaged me on facebook telling me he bought it and knew it was about him. It wasn't the fairytale ending I wanted. I never got the guy, but I did get this song which opened up so many doors for me. I may not have gotten the guy, but I got SO much more :)

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