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Ones & Noughts

The MingTunes




Heavy Rock


Based on a true story. From a self produced, mixed and performed selection of The MingTunes.

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The longer I stay silent, the harder it is to speak, the more I feel I've nothing to say, the more I accept I'm weak. Gagged and bound by an inherent lack of choice left cold and screaming silent and fighting for my voice... I need my voice. Searching for the words to guide me and wishing you were stood beside me needing to translate my thoughts but hearing only ones and noughts, ones and noughts and ones and noughts, hearing only ones and noughts and now it's time to read the signs because this life was not of my design... and now I need another try. Enlightened but still mute you see, and seeking another route for me, to comprehend what I must do, to undertake this quest for you, to dig out all these words within and restart our lives again, so should I kneel and pray or should I just walk away... I need another day. Ones and noughts, Ones and noughts.

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