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Album: Lee EmCee Mixtape 2010






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Verse 1: All the expectations that were suppose to reach, laid down by the higher power expressed through speech, life lessons are taught by teachers who teach each, individuals about success but some will breech, friends are influences and can lead u down, the wrong path, friends can make u act like a clown, but if ur not down then ur not wanted & not found, kinda like sadaam the day before he bombed a town. the Underground, the place for the unwanted, the uninvited and for the ones not genred, im genred, my name in bold letters & there fonted, the reason why im underground is cos im not sponsered. Im honoured, for when its criticised when i publicise, people feel my lyrics my lyrics are about my life, even if some relate to certain parts its my life, not your life just a coincidence no suprise. Lyrics dont lie, why would i when its put pen to pape, i release my deepest darkest secrets & record to tape, before my pay-day this industry needs to be re-shaped, before i can be placed on stage next to my mates. For today, i will live as if this day was my last, i live everyday thinking about the future not the past, for thinking about the past will bring u down real fast, concentrate on the good not the bad and ull be enlarged, & charged, with the bright light side of ur being, for the eyes watching down is forever all-seeing, watching day turn to night your eyes are closed now sleeping, thats why when we sleep if we do good were dreaming. Not screaming, waking up the cause a night mare, when were bad thats what we get to remind us someones there, watching over us and our decisions are guided bare, we question if gods our guide or if anybody cares. Break: *2 Bars* Verse 2: One question, will you take the leap of faith, in order to gain ones perspective in life & train, your mind to find a way to succumb to the pain, a fragment in the brain is placed under some strain. Never again, will greed take over my mind, never, will i let greed take part of my time, never again, will greed take over my rhymes, never, will i let greed be apart of my life. For the root of all evil we all know is greed, money empowers everything so its dollars we need, in order to go places or travel the seven seas, no matter where we are theres still a currency. & currently, im not one to be loaded with the cash, im still the one searching for a job & smokin the stash, i dont promote drugs but my past can track back, many mistakes i partaked can cause flashbacks. With a backpack, sitting down at the parkbench, headphones on hands around the pen i clenched, i spent hours on end my thoughts to lyrics with a pen, i dont die like a trend i will die when im trenched. But ill be remembered for the pain ive experienced....

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