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Winter Star

Album: Take Me To The Moon




Indie Pop


Track 5 off of " Take Me To The Moon" Released November 17, 2012

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Share a night this beds already empty. As you stand your ground, my world keeps falling down In perfect words. And Ill stay real close, As you chose to go And you'll go Who are you to tell me what is wrong here As you make me choose between a path thats so confused And I'll lay right here and question for a while When will it end? Take a look back in 05 where it began And I'll stay real close as you choose to go. And you'll take back, break back the words you said And you'll regret the fact you ended it you will know, now you'll go Youve done this once before. You called my life decisions so controlling whats your missing is (Four years down the road, Four years down the road) You called it quits, you spread disease Like a casket over a fire and (Four years down the road, Four years down the road) Youve done this once before, Done this once before.

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