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Bad Love

Album: Bad Love
DD Allen




Contemporary/Soft Rock


Childhood sweethearts, bitter divorce, peace and long lost love rekindled. Bad Love charts the journey in a poignantly relatable storyline fit for modern times. This is DD Allen heading back to his roots — emerging with a gutsy contemporary take on rock and roll with his distinctive pure vocals and a pulsating Keith Richards ‘esque’ rhythm at the core. Think ‘Exile on Main Street’ for the 2010s.

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“Bad Love” © 2019 Written by Drew David Allen / PRS (CAE: 778511713) / Sentric Music Publishing / Smithy leaves from 6 til 7 She irons out the creases of this so-called heaven While sweeping up the pieces of those dreams in Devon Whose side you on Every time we touch the hairs they jump from my neck Every time I see you, I’m a nervous wreck These days I just get colder, keeping things in check The time has come I’m rolling with the seasons but I’m getting kinda stuck Running out of reasons while I feel thunderstruck I feel like a junkie, I’m all tied up Put it down to bad love Bad love This ain’t some nostalgic fix Trying to rid this heavy old world of its tricks When he hears she’s staying at friends in the sticks On a Friday night To pursue your own happiness, It sure takes courage Solid foundations from the base to the ridge Remember those good old days on Crawford Bridge In the raw moonlight Stuck in Southern Ireland in the Clonakilty mist 450 miles from the first place we kissed Hiding in the shadow of society’s fist Put it down to bad love Seems like we’ve both been caught up in the perfect storm The rain is cold but dance, we’ll soon get warm Every story ends, every rose has its thorn, Put it down to bad love. I don’t wanna spend my hollow days Twisted around the branches of our heart sunken ways Throw away the ashes of our soft drunken phase Where my regret betrays I’m rolling with the seasons, but I’m starting to get stuck I’m running out reasons, while I feel Thunderstruck I feel like a junkie, I’m all tied up Put it down to bad love 35 years, and been in Love from the start Smithy ain’t a bad man, they’ve just grown apart While somebody needs her with every ounce of his heart Put it down to bad love

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