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The Rope

Album: The Road Less Traveled
Shawn Allen Music






My coworker wanted this song dedicated to him for his 2 year anniversary being clean from drugs and alcohol. I sat down with him for 2 hours and wrote the song to his life story.

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I was a young buck trying to do all the wrong things never did i ever think id make my heart bleed before i start let me preface this message with a little sprinkle of catastrophe bomb droppin recipe its like a cold needin vitamins, ridilin for the listening, my mission was a little bit like sugar needin insulin now your witnessin a body only present cuz the father wanted this penciled in ok now ill begin my life unfolding like accordians clevelands where the story is 45's blowin smoke and machetes from some foreign gits i seen the devil starin back at me something i cant forget running through my money like a sprinter through the finish line, running over anybody keeping me from mines i was a vandal with a hammer, breaking everything in sight little man had witnesed it i took em and said drive only 7 dude was terrified, but he had seen us with his eyes what was i supposed to do, let this kid wreck my life? nah, were all disposable this is a mortals sin, man i need a new identity before i let the devil win all i wanna do is live father wont ya let me live if you love me than youll throw me the rope cant watch me drown your my only hope Thought the service woulda got me away from the drama, but now im lead role, biggest hit of the summer alcohol abuse cant cut it loose it was like a old girlfriend trying to reminisce old news viscisous cycle, spinning spiral, my sickness viral can you believe i thought i was an american idol cuz im italian, and i wear a medallion doesent that mean im as respcted as a black stallion how come my mom and pops looking sick is it cuz of me, guess ill have to wait and see, till then im blazing trees something inside was saying man you gotta drop these habits, cant have it, i need you God cant manage this damage but then id fall again, really should be dead, its what i wanna be keep hurtin everybody thats tried to get me clean yet i feel as if my image has gotta portray, a tough dude with an attitude and so ill just stay that way got one demon on my shoulder and an angel on the other, and in the background i can see my mother saying michael son i love ya i dont wanna watch ya drown, and my father staring in my eyes trying not to look down id be a liar if i said that i dont wanna escape, cant wait but nothings getting easier this is my darkest day what i pray is somehow i could see the the bottle slip away and in an instant view the fathers will insteada mine ok Mariott Checked in, had a week a dizziness, fizzin sips from a bottle was exploding like a physics test what happened next was in a gist beggining of the end, end of the rope i had thoroughly cut thin a trip to south seminole stumbling i was cyniccal, nurse decided i belonged with all the other criminals and then this dude in a dark room said i should get clean, little did i know this was an angel for me my whole life flashed in front of me, i was afraid, called mom and dad and no looking back they up and came off to rehab 30 day spin cycle, my driver donnie told me i could win it like a prized fighter Joe you influenced me with just a few words saying that I had potential something i didnt deserve And Corina you were the realest revealer, taught me more about myself, well you would never conceal it uh T I M E letters that embellished me, what i once saw right now sickened my belly needed an example brian lived his life see through, halfway nah he was committed to be living proof everybody lovin me unconditionally cuz i know if we were keeping tabs id be dead on the street mom and pops you never gave up, you stayed up, did trust that when God would pull me out id see some real love now im teachin others they can be free from slavery rest in peace the old me , im 2 years clean never goin back im an unsatisfied customer, Gods son plucked me up gave me new instructions bruh

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