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The Winner

Album: The Winners
Larry Dean






Written by Larry Dean and Garry Bichelmeyer. from a sports nuts point of view.With Baseball, Football, Boxing, and Card Games represented

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The Winner (Verse) (D) Congratulations you, (G) hurt me the (D) worst It was a real close call, but you came in (A) first I didn’t see it (D) comin’ (G) my heart took a (D) fall But (G) you’re the (D) winner; (A) you’re the best of (D) all (Chours) (G)I was runnin’ strong win place or show (D)Took off for second I could beat the throw (G) I dove in hard for a head first slide (A) You brushed me off ya’ really hurt my pride (Verse) Yeah you saw me try, that old Suzy Q Like maybe you’ve had, a round or two It was a T.K.O. an unfair fight I took it on the chin, I can’t sleep at night (Chours) I took a gamble you took the pot But you’ll lose some day like it or not When the one you love gets the deal You’ll lose it all an’ know how it feels (Verse) Congratulations, you’re the queen o’ th’ hill You can take your bow, you know the drill You take the cake, you took the prize Someday you’ll lose, then you’ll realize (Chours) That loves a game that’s built on trust Don’t break a heart for a little lust Take time out an’ call a new play It’ll be fourth down an’ you’ll have to say (Repeat first verse and tag) Written by Garry Bichelmeyer and Larry D. Inman 6/2005

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