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Dawn Monroe "DO IT"






This song is somewhat of a strip club anthem for all the get money boss b**ches thats about that paper .for all the ballers who claim they got it like that this one is for you to. shake ya ass wiggle it , you can go down south DO IT DO IT DO IT .this is definetly a great dance song you cant help but dance to it. DO IT

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Shake that money maker bounce it on da floor Throw dem dollars up Gemme gemme gemme more Throw the cash up njgga Make it go around Make it rain like katrina Yeah u kno da sound Piss pouring down From all dat henny now Bottles uuuuppp In this muther yeah its going doowwnn Tell yo nigga aww im so icy Thats why all dey bitches yeah dey like me They dont excite me mo mo money make me come Like a fucking tyraid or how u pissing when u drunk Off dat lean watch my ass and its mean Vaseline when u switching up da screen Got dem racks on top of racks on top of racks not talking bout dem stacks Apparently im talking ass ass ass ass I need my money now asap Dont make me get kray straightjak All dem hoes corny straight wack And me imma a needle in a haystack unparralled nigga you dont wanna miss that Now go head eat that Xxxxx like it was a snack Got another bad bitch yeah we gucci And if you lucky you can get some of this pucci Hook: chorus : arch ya back, poke it out Wiggle it ,you can go down south now do it do it do it do it (2x) 1:32 I get it everyday ,like a rich bicth That cash,money ,paper talking biscuits Make it rain in this muther If you ballin ,shot calling everday the mall n Pull up da beamer. Red seats On my wrist humbolt. timepiece guiseppe on da feet if u trna eat And u get yo shit from a swapmeet Dont be shy handle it like a starky N later we can puff on that barky Im waiting on ya Here at the supa 8 U aint gettin none if u u supa late Now bring dat ass back back back back back Now bring dat cash back back back back Now dj run it back back back go head shawty Make dat ass clap

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