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Album: Demo's
Austin Smith




Alt. Rock


Its kind of a mix of mid 80s west coast punk and early 90's post-punk, which most call "grunge". The main bands I was listening to at the time were Nirvana, Black Flag, The Melvins, Alice In Chains, The Pixies, and The Kinks.

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Your smell is an endorphin To make me shake inside my veins The cornia of dark blue Makes my heart seize quells my pains I salivate at your presence Bones are broken you're my cane The sound waves of your vocals Hits my eardrum fucks my brain I know I know that its over I speak of my intentions and that I wan't you every day My drugs an understatement Breathe your air if not i'd fray I would convulse without you You mold my shape as if its clay I wan't my life inside you Fornication every way

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