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If It's My Time to Go

Album: The Thought Chapter
Color Theory




Synth Pop


You should know how much I love you.

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Never quite sure when it will come to pass Living each day like it could be my last Cause the planet seems to spin a little bit faster When you wake up every day awaiting disaster Took a long time for me to admit defeat Too many dreams just lying there at my feet But I’m older now it seems A little bit smarter So I won’t go to extremes by playing the martyr If it’s my time to go You should know how much I love you If it’s my time to go I am ready If it’s my time to go Then go on ahead without me Close my eyes Kiss my cheek Let me go Coming to terms changes your attitude Tempers the fear with genuine gratitude I’ve enjoyed some happy years Collected some trophies But the end is drawing near So listen up closely All bets are off There are no guarantees What happens next We’ll have to just wait and see Let this song be my goodbye Don’t try to reject it No loose ends for us to tie We’re interconnected.

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