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Professional Hater (Remix) ft Toon




You want an over the top zombie rap video filmed by The Walking Dead fans over Halloween weekend? Yes, please. Copyright 2011 "Professional Hater (Remix) Feat. Toon" Written/Performed by J. Lawrence ( @TheRealLaww ) K. Rice ( @4toon ) Music Production by: @TheRealLaww Director: @kidethnic Assistant Director: @pandymadgett

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Chorus: 1, 2, 3, 4 On, Mark, Set, Go Rain, Hail, Snow, Sleet No Matter Weather, Move ya Feet Verse 1: No one can do it better, better um grab you umbrella/ ella ella ella, beat you up like Chris Brown and Rhianna/ An a an a Hanna Montana, Miley Cyrus whoever/ Can try to fight it but more than likely they will be the record// and ah You decided but i can't deny it i'm fire/ if you can't decipher the rhymin, play it back and rewind it// and you'll find that i'm the tightest rhymer in the carolinas/ ain't no one finer, your flows are tired you better retire// with yo... waist of flesh, allow me to just break your neck/ bang your hand against somebody's face until they brain is dead// Insane's the only way you can explain my head/ everybody wait a sec, allow me to just catch my breach// (Breath) I Got it i'm rhymin' about a lot a notta/ but i got you vibin and bobbin because the beat is lava// To Osama don't bother on tryin to stop Obama/ cuz he'll start a problem thats probably worst than the holocaust was/ Gobble d gobble gobble, i'm gettin bread/ thats the way its gonna sound til you figure out what i said// Go and buy the album write down every line you think i said/ and tell me how you spelled out, Gibble ga gibble gaa// Thats the way you rappers soundin to me now a days/ Production values raised but cowards they ain't sayin a thing// so until the day you change and come up with more to say/ i will stay talkin shit until i turn over in my grave Chorus (2x)

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