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Love or Hate

Album: Single
Zuri Star






I wrote this song with Mike K and Dolena K about the fine line we walk in passionate relationships, sometimes it's love, sometimes it's hate.. Sometimes it's both.. But we always have a choice. I prefer choosing love!

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Love or Hate Verse 1 I see the edge it’s coming closer Now I bet you feel it don’t ya It must be wrong, you say it’s right It’s black or white or day or night B Verse Boy can’t you give me just one straight answer Make up your mind, then change it faster I wanna hear what you decide, it’s you and I it’s you and I Chorus Must be Love or Hate Got me believin’ baby This won’t wait My hearts leaving with this Love or Hate All of these feelings To justify, and tell me lies baby Don’t make me cry, just sympathize maybe Love or hate Lover Lover wait Lover Verse 2 Now we’re crossing another fine line I don’t know if we’ll make it this time I see the rise you miss the fall It’s big and small but I gave all Chorus Repeat Bridge Everywhere we go, oh I know that it shows, Everywhere uh oh Everywhere we go, oh I know that it shows, Everywhere uh oh

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