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Album: american [fever] dream
Aaron English






Americana shuffle with male choir, Wurlitzer organ, and steel guitar. A pledge of allegiance as a metaphor for romantic love.

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My home and truest country My map of love, all I'm sure of The borders of your body I pledge allegiance to you, girl Your citizen, your soldier Of thee I sing, remembering How peacefully you conquered me Dum dum dum... Oh, urgent and uncertain times Our leaders play their game of chess Where no one ever makes a move So no one else will get upset Last year's propaganda Is always this year's punch line We all need something to believe In you I know I've got mine So it seems we're running out of dreams When we sleep static is all we see But we daydream American daydreams We daydream American daydreams Let's have our own Fourth of July I could make your fireworks fly I pledge my allegiance to The republic of me and you

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