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written by Ben Vandagriff © 2011 The Altruistic Messiah is a conceptual visionary ~ with an attitude. He believes in the power of music. He believes in the power of love. Music is the international language that will ultimately communicate the message of love into a universal understanding. The Altruistic Messiah is a man on a mission, who has set out to accomplish all his goals, in order to facilitate a better world for all mankind, & he is doing it with one song at a time.

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Music is Living in Motion ! I do this in order to allow the music to forever move forward , to refresh, to remain in transition, in perpetual motion, to organically grow, to become something that's always different from what it just was, to evolve beyond what it is now & to constantly change into what it eventually inevitably might someday become. I am bringing the music to life !!!!!

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