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Who I Am

Album: Who I Am
Iaian Thompson




This song is simply about the time I spent in Nashville trying to fight the beast that is the music industry.

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Go ahead and make your pitch but before you do man what's the hitch? I aint changin' for no high powered machine. they say "come on boy, now listen to me." "We're gonna put your face on the CMT" "just try these leather pants on for size" yeah, you should have seen the look in my eyes. Chorus: 'Cause I'm a southern man just like my father Baptised in some cold river water Gave my life to jesus when i was ten I've got a little boy and four young duaghters A woman who is like no other Loves me more than I'll ever know And I'll tell y'all folks Exactly where I stand. That's who I am. V2: I write songs that I would love to play And I go to church every Sunday and I always take the time to bow my head and pray. I like to drink some beers and stay up all night and havin' long talks with my wife. I thank god for her lovin' every day. If that bothers you my friend, well that's ok Repeat chorus Bridge: The glitz and glamour is not for me what you get is what you see. 2X Repeat chorus

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