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T-Pain hosted a Contest to see who can do the best Verse on his song called Motivated off his mixtape Prevolver. Heres the version by Tw0-Thre3 - Download it FREE @

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Motivated, aint nobody stopping me.. Fuck a you hater, all you do is copy me.. I do what i does, aint no ima see.. Born to do i, my philosophy.. Who done it, they said it, but they never will.. On the rise, and my bars getting better still.. You a dog, im a beast, i kill.. Going in hard, screw, i drill.. Fucking with me, niggas wont ever see.. Mind control freak, my flow so mentally.. Mirror image, hater you my parody.. Im the real one, yea so rarity.. You can talk all that shit that you wanna.. I dont give a fuck, i stand tall with my honor.. Nuclear warhead, so call me Osama.. Brain on my head, who sucks, is your momma.. Champion, now who wants more.. Pull up, then i bust through the front door.. Hammer to your face, super hero, Thor.. Game winning shot, you the score.. Ima grind hard, skater dude, totally.. You can try hard, but you'll never be more then me.. I'll be that guy that shits on you horribly.. Im trying to eat, and you nothing but a boar to me.. On my call of duty shit, no games, blackops.. Who saying i wont make it big, im that hot.. You fucking with a raw dude, strap up.. Most niggas fake, and swear that they mad tough.. My game is far from being over.. I stay high, focus never lower.. Im going in, i'll never hold up.. Four loco in my body, bout to go nuts..

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