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The Thunder Dreamer

Album: Tlayvquanta




New Age / World


This is the full version of this song. It appeared last year as a solo only version. - Dedicated to Frank Silverhawk and all Thunder Dreamers and Heyoka everywhere. Aho! - Recorded and performed by WhiteWolf - Guitar by Guild - Cedar Flute by Kuzin Bruce.

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The mountains they stood silent As the Thunder Dreamer roared His laughter split the sky And shook the canyons down below Unseen he moved from peak to peak Completely out of sight Like a crow who's flying Across a mid-night sky A moonless, midnight sky I never will forget the day When first I heard his roar The mesas all were frozen And on the mountains laid fresh snow The sunlight seemed to dance and play Across the desert's face And with his laughter came a song About a sacred place A secret, sacred place And as the canyons shake and tremble down below The sky is split in two by his laughter and its roar And in the dark of night when a Ghost Dance takes place He's heard to cry just like a crow And bear a likeness of one's face A smiling, crowing face 'Twas only for one season That I heard his laughter roar Come the spring he laid right down Then he rose no more 'Twas said he seemed to be at peace As he closed his eyes And when he breathed his last The lightning cracked across the sky A clear and cloudless sky And now the canyons they lay silent down below The sky no longer splits by his laughter and its roar And in the dark of night when a Ghost Dance takes place A crow is heard to cry Who bears a likeness of his face His smiling, laughing face And now the mountains they stand silent As a new Thunder Dreamer roars . . . And the circle is complete . . . once more

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