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Coming Apart




Directed by Matthew Bailey, the album's title track is a tribute to Kevin Hines (HBO's The Bridge), who attempted suicide at the age of 19 and survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Hines is one of the few to ever survive the suicide plunge from 245 feet above the water and is now an advocate for several suicide prevention organizations.

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There's another way out of this hole. Another way out of this hell. When you'trying so hard to hold on. Trying so hard to be well. There was a voice in your head said hold on . There might be an easier way. There's a chance that you might beat the swell. A chance that you might break away. Chorus: When you're coming apart at the seam. Holding on tight to the rail. When you're coming apart at the seam. Drowning in every detail. As the morning light glows on the bay. The greyhound bus leaves for the pier. And the people you pass on the way Speak a language that isn't so clear. If only somebody could see,if only somebody would say. There might be a chance for you here. A chance for a life to be saved. Chorus As you're free falling out from the rail, You find that your mind has betrayed, The truth will now slowly unwind, and leave you with nothing to say. There was a voice in you're head said hold on. There might be an easier way. Now the choices have already gone. As you drown in the choices you made. Chorus

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