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Mother's Day Track




Alternative Hip-Hop


This is a track that was put together in 08' dedicated to all the Mothers out there....we thought at the time that it would be a good idea to record this....and it came out pretty good...if I may say so myself! This track is in the midst of being updated and re-recorded! Please enjoy!

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Pryme: Let me tell ya that I love you ma...I ask God to bless me just to spoil you ma....I live for the day that I can call you chunk the dueces at ya boss here's the car you want....same dreams aint changed since a kid....I figured it's the least that I can do for wat you did....single parent ...3 kids weekends...taking double shifts just to meet ends....while that sorry nigga sleepin...he supposed to take the lead and get the cheese....but that's all right cuz the hussle's in me....I told you when I'm able you aint got to worry bout a thing....and I meant that momma you done seen enough to Paris gone and shop away ya problems....take ya sons private jet and go....I always love ya cuz ya love for me has always been fa sho!!!!

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