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Way Down the Road






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"Way Down the Road" Got me a scooter 'cause I couldn't afford gas I like to ride it but it just didn't last Now I've got a motorcycle and it goes fast way down the road... Lots of people out here kill'n time I'm in a hurry always pushing that dime Get out'da way I got mountains to climb and bikes to build... Look like you got all day ain't got a care I'm gett'n old and grey, yea life isn't fair It leaves me guess'n and I sit and I stair way down the road.... Way down the road, down the road Hope I get what I need way down the road Way down the road, down the road Wish that I could see way down the road... Hard times now, people pinch'n pennies On the other side I hear there's still plenty of the good life, ample opportunity.... Just gotta get it and run way down the road Everything you buy (yea) you have to fix Caught in the system's bag of tricks Heaven forbid you get lazy or sick Way down the road... Way down the road, down the road Way down the road, down the road Hope I find that good life down the road I hope that I find it down the road... This world can be so cold, liars that gently persuade... This life as we're growing old Here's to the world we made! It's only wrong (yea) if you get caught Goes against everything that you were taught You soon find out that anything can be bought and it can be sold... When you gotta good thing want'a stay on top But when the bottom falls out you will drop... Falling from grace boy and you can't stop... Rolling down the road... Feel the heat coming down everywhere Crawling way down in the depths of despair There coming for you, but you ain't even there.... You're way down the road.... Down the road, down the road... I need to believe that it's down the road down the road... what if I could see down the road? All the time looking over your shoulder Just want'a walk always, but it's never over... Until the day your done and things get slower... way down the road! Looks like the good times just said good-bye all gone forever, out of my eyes This way of living yes you have to be sly.... to get down the road.... People looking for an easy way out Never really knowing what it's about Where's "the journey" when I'm having these doubts? Way down the road.... Way down the road, down the road I need to believe that it's down the road.... Down the road... hitt'n the road... I need to know that it's down the road! I need you to guide me... down the road! Down the road! I sure hope it's good!

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