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I C U m.over

Album: The Laww Come'th EP
The Real Laww




Alternative Hip-Hop


Verse 1: Clothes... Come up out of them, I'll have you swing on chandeliers like a spider man Body fire man, hotter than a fryin pan That pussy mine i got you cryin like a violin Got a lot of friend, invite'em then you lost your phone, liein bitch Wine and Dine and then we drivin to Ramada inn tryin to hide in your vagina kinda like some contraband Condoms, McDonalds and Jason Mask I'm just kiddin with you bitch, i'm tryin to make you laugh Take a stab at it, while we try to take a bath Hand cuffed, face is wrapped, Ain't that your favorite gag? No... Here's another approach Lets find a lonely island and get high on a boat We can kiss the clouds, the higher we float Ricky Rozay flow, but minus the stroke. (Chorus) I feel like, the worlds mine, feeling so fly, alien high Ta dow, watch out, ya girls mine when i say jump, she asks how high Verse 2: Tony Starks, harder than the man of steel my girls Jada, cuz i get ass at will This flow won't burn you, then this acid will kick a donkey in its ass until the bastards squeals I am how cancer feels I'm so mad that i could piss off a happy meal flip a quarter, turn it to a half a mil and will still heckle McDonalds for a value meal I don't cook i eat I don't facebook I tweet so if you're lookin for a face shot of me, then you need to go see the durham county police SYKE... thats word to Defacto You seen my tat, i got my team on my back doe I can hold a whole regime from Guantanamo and fling them like catapults you never seen that before? (Chorus)

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