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Cold Drink of Water

Album: Alder Rose
Paul Myhre




Alt. Rock


Cold Drink of Water (Myhre 2012) Intro Verse 1 He got it right and got it so wrong He thought he’d said it all along He played a pipe for all to hear And all they heard was nothing Chorus All he wants is a cold drink of water All he wants is a little bread All he wants is a cold drink of water Just one drink… Verse 2 He laid his cards like a blackjack dealer One face up -- the other down He thought this time he’d really made it But all he found was dusty ground Chorus Bridge/Solo Verse 3 He told himself that he’d just do it one more time Take himself to the edge of his despair He thought and he’d do it - every thing just right But all he did was waste another night Chorus Verse 4 A gray sparrow whispered in his ear There is nothing – there is nothing to fear Take what you’ve got and what you’ve lost Can you ever really count the cost? Chorus Outtro

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