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Album: The Fear
The Forest Fire




Alt. Rock


This is an age old story about trying to make it big, doing it the wrong way, and realizing that you'll make it your own way.

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Are you asking, are you asking me to hold you in definately? I'm pacing contemplating will you ask yourself as you're looking, as you're searching, as you're wanting to see this through? I dont think you want this. You said you want it all. And you're so close. so cold. and you're quick like the river's flow, and now you know that... Golden said she wants to be a star. you'll go far. Golden smiles whenever she's alone. Oh no. Dont let them/her tell you that you smile to often or bright for the moment. But little does she know, it's gonna blow. Take a good look, take a good look at the mess i have made of you. Do you know what i do to me and you? Fake it, fake it if you cant. I can i can make you dance.

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