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In 26 years, I’ve seen a lot of things And all the impacts , the endings that the drama brings Which means that I observe everything I’m preachin’ what I’ve learned growin’ up You can never know too much, Most the time, not enough, so you call a nigga bluff Cuz he’s acting too tough Yo’ there’s no such thing You ain’t gotta front for me Cuz the hardest person usually hurt the most, man that’s how it seem It’s okay to cry, know that you’ve been told otherwise No pain can describe how it feels when your mother cries Be strong because life goes on Yet we still hold on, once you’re gone, then you’re gone Left many people behind feelin’ like you robbed them A permanent solution for a temporary problem The only peace that I have is the hope that God got em but it still haunts me cuz I wish I coulda stopped em PLEASE! pay attention the signs cuz we can’t read minds nothing heals like time, but we can’t re-wind so don’t be blind, persistence is existence insistin that you listen, no subtraction, just addition the sickness is addiction and the pain of the infliction hurts more because we miss them when I could’ve been prevented listened when you vented, didn’t think you really meant it I thought it was pretended, exaggerated feelings So now I’m blaming myself, like damn I could’ve helped Didn’t fully understand how you truly felt We’ve all been mad and said shit outta anger Who is this stranger, tryin’ not to blame ya but I can’t help it, cuz honestly it’s selfish I coulda be savior if I knew that you were helpless Can’t play the blame game, but damn it I want answers But the questions that I have, now you can’t answer PLEASE! You gon’ be fine… Can’t take nothing out of context, serious as bomb threats ignoring the reality and thinkin’ that it’s nonsense Then you gotta deal with it eating at your conscience Replaying every single word in your comments Can’t dwell on the what if’s and what coulda beens Or what would’ve been if you understood your friend It’s a hurt that’s unbearable, a break un-repairable So many feelings, but it’s not comparable So I drop a tear or two before I get hysterical I’ll just let the song cry, turn my tears lyrical Pray for the family, strength and endurance Hopefully you keep your faith, just for reassurance It’s a hard road, order your steps It may be hard to see it, but you’re still blessed In between the stress, what God suggests… So you gotta accept without a second guess This is for anyone who has ever dealt with suicide Whether you wanted to or you know somebody who did There’s somebody that loves, it’ll get better, I promise You gon’ be fine.

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