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Album: Sintel






A song about a fucked up love affair. How far are you willing to go for the ones you love?

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I’m alive I can fly I’m so high I could die (die) Right (right) Here in your arms Back in your shrine of toxic lies I’m afraid Feel betrayed Disobeyed So I prayed) (strayed) And waited For the rest of my life Still idolizing your disguise You’re the one You belong On my tongue Now you stung Me For the last time Yet in the end you roll a dice You’re insane Scream my name Who's to blame Wehen you can’t be Saved by me Beneath my conscienceness I hide Hey! Come down! When’re you gonna stop? Hey! Come down! I don’t give a fuck! (solo) You’re my drug Now I’m stuck Outta luck So I guess Your love ain’t cheap I don’t deny my sacrifice But when the taste Of your face Makes the mask Slip away Showing sanity You are the one from who I hide

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