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Album: Single




Indie Pop


Written and recorded by Dan C. Wright Mixed and mastered by Ethan Kaufmann Photo by Pagan Gold

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I was seventeen a long time ago, I thought everything would work out. But I lost everything some time ago, I was all in, and now I'm all out. I'm standing on the edge I'm looking down. I'm listening to rain. Well only this song can save me now so let's hear it again. Well people understand that what you get, depends on what you put out. I've been chasing after this so long, I thought I was one who would stand out. I left everyone just for this town, I wonder if I'll make it out. Only my self can stop me now, and he's the one I'm breaking down. If only, you could, see me now. I've been fearing time is running out, well it's about time that it begins. 'cause i've been hearing that it's my time now but we never know when the clock ends. I'm missing the life I had back then, and everyone I love. and everything I do, I do it for them, I wish it was enough. I know it's not enough. If only, you could, see me now. If this is our only life, then I just wanna live it right. If this is our only life, then I just wanna be by your side.

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