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Album: Get What You Came For
Vanity Theft






Verse 1: I'm concise, professional, I get my advice from the manual, I don't waste time in confessionals I don't take handouts but my hands stay full, gotta make that first impression count, gonna show you what it's all about, I just don't want to waste my time Chorus: The left side of my brain is telling me that I'm way too unlike you, but I like you, and besides maybe I don't want you for your mind, I can't decide, and besides maybe I don't want you for your mind, I can't decide Verse 2: I'm polite, this will be consensual, but my love is conditional, so don't strike out when the count is full and when the pressure's on you better get what you came for, read back through the red-back hymnal, in search of things subliminal, instead of writing down something scriptural, I wrote a proper hook and still had time for tea Repeat Chorus Bridge: Make it align, make it align, make it align, don't waste my time, make it align, make it a rhyme Repeat Chorus

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