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Airam Ssor feat. Remi Desroques - You - April '10

Album: Wave Reader Prod. 2010 Compilation
Remi Desroques




Spoken Word/Perf. Poetry


YOU Airam Ssor - MC, lyricist Guitar: Yuji Kasai Composed, arranged and recorded by Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions

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YOU Airam Ssor - MC, lyricist Guitar: Yuji Kasai Composed, arranged and recorded by Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions My words elude me Like thoughts that don’t include me On a dark night, where nothing’s luminating Except this nectar, slides in my heart between sectors The pleasure multiplies It measures deep and wide You are the syrup of my soul inside My inspiration to lose control, to be beside myself. My sense is restless you hear it? Expeed your experience You de-stress I express excess finesse You won’t grow tired of this Don't give up on me I won't give up on you- I promise Be relentless Expect failure is not in me Not as far as my heart can tell Not as far as your eyes can see. Chorus: But I’m human I’m tempted to cheat I may peek If I succeed to weigh the steepness of the fall, I just may give you a call Ask you to be my rock Keep me grounded Away from a life that leaves me confounded. My heart speaks truth Be the one to expound it Become a connoisseur of what lays in my abyss Kiss the obscure The source is raw, it's pure. I assume you’re cool with this too Had your choice of every joe in the world You picked this girl, held her hand out the room Now get ready, the shows not over ‘til you see fireworks - hear the ka-boom! Congrats happy bride and groom We'll rock this marriage like Benny and Joon - shooten holes in the moon We’ll have a nice house and the addition soon. Let’s stop by a shop, get a couple a tattoos We're free birds We’re not changing our tune. We’re cut’n a few – up’n the true Come’on baby, what do you say? It could be a happy forever, just me and you Sailing off into a golden sunset Exchanging wet kisses and olive juice. I would draw the stars and planets closer if that's what you choose Take you on a big cruise ship or a modest pontoon Whatever it is, I want you to know you keep me feeling grounded The stone that keeps me rolling I'd be the same without you - doubt it Fill me up until I wanna burst! Green crack in one hand, with a cricket in the other Standing in front of my lover Take you under covers Wet wild - polish sheets I’m not scared Why should I be troubled? Life is subtle Sometimes when it’s quiet, you can hear it rustle You can feel it when you pull my shirt I can feel it when I press against the buckle. Chorus Fits you perfect – couture This is the recipe for rapture, I’m sure I’m growing old I’m lonely I’m vulnerable You know what it is when I’m stoney There’s no meat There’s no grizzle Only white bread and baloney But you're still here And gone are all the phonies.

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