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Album: Paralyzed
Forgotten Voice




Modern Rock


This one pretends to be a song of hope and encouragement, we're not paralyzed, we can change what it's wrong around us, we can be better every day, this world if full of opportunities.

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I wish reality soothed me tonight, I wish my carpe diem were doing time, I wish the magic dust could make me disappear, I wish He finds in me what I need to see Turn it around! I'm not paralyzed, the whole world screaming I'm not paralyzed, believe you're fighting Winning and singing, it's already done I've found forgiveness, wake up your soul Paralyzed I wish no children died after his parents prayer I wish she hadn't cry if he comes drunk again, I wish the snooty stars fall from their golden chairs, I wish we all remain self-concious of ourselves Turn it around! Chorus I have seen enough, so much destruction and anger, Screwed up eyes from fear of danger Instead of going down this road, you should go on a pelgrimage for life, hope and love And when the push comes to shove, you will always make a change, you will never forget to break the silence Chorus Forgiveness...goodness...rights to feelings...hope and freedom

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