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Fly Drive Dreams (Single Mix )

Album: Fly Drive Dreams
Danny Lee




Contemporary/Soft Rock


Single Mix of Fly Drive Dreams which is the title track of the album by Danny Lee.

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Fly Drive Dreams Here I am dreaming of some utopia Within the reckless caution of my mind Standing at the crossroads of yes and no Yes these are cautiously reckless times Drumming with my fingers on the steering wheel On a side track off a dead end street Talking with you and the "What if ? " crew Waiting for Godot and the next heartbeat Chorus And you can do whatever you want to do And you can see whatever you want to see And you can be whoever you want In FLY DRIVE DREAMS When I'm finally ready and my head hits the pillow And I set myself for a night with you Running on the beach or playing in the surf Cocktail sunsets with a toast to the new Morning we'll awaken in another town For breakfast on a terrace with a view Then drive along the coast with the top down I get a feeling you go here too Chorus repeat x 2

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