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Synth Pop


In the same vein as songs from groups like Purity Ring and o0o00, this track "Buzzing" will leave you begging for more from the universal sickness. Both melody and beat driven with its 70's style bobs mixed with slowed out trap style drums, it is definitely the perfect atmosphere music. If you like this feel free to check out more of the universal sickness on soundcloud (free downloads)

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do you ever feel so numb inside and you cant fake it and you want to hide? youre just going through the motions but youre never really in motion cant keep your feet on the ground and yet somehow you cant get them off the ground and it goes around and around the same old imagery, the same old sounds the same things you've been saying for years now only now youre smart enough not to say them out loud and if anyone ever knew the thoughts constantly buzzing through you cutting you in twos, leaving you skewed half of me has never felt alive... half of me has never felt alive... im your typical musician suffering from crippling depression and i am always wishing i wasnt tethered to my affections picking at tiny little worries until theyre big gaping obsessions you think youve got a problem? well, ive got a collection

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