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Somewhere California

Album: Rock & Rarities
Ernie White




Americana / Alt Country


American story of a father who leaves his young son to move out west. And how his son searches for his dad in a place called "Somewhere California"

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Daddy left home when I was 3, Didn't leave much for ma and me Except a whole lotta pain and this here guitar Momma never did say why he left, But daddy's got a new address Somewhere Califonia She said, he never did llike the cold up here, and he's too damn young to settle down So dont you get your hopes up son, cuz he aint comin round He's gone now, CHORUS: Somewhere California, somewhere out there VERSE2 I thought I saw him on TV, Ma always said that he looked like me Had a face like a movie star So I waited for the credits to roll, but like a deathrow killer waiting for parole, his name never came, so I guess my love's in vain now CHORUS VERSE3 The little boy just turned 18 , headin out west to find his dreams, somewhere California Mama begged me not to go but if I don't go now, I might never know, so Mama please let me go Cuz I never did like the cold up here, and I'm just too damn young to settle down, so you can find me on the street of dreams in America's lost and found CHORUS

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