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All That Matters is Love

Album: Lethal Love Addiction (Batteries not included)
3 Kisses






The title pretty much says it all!

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ALL THAT MATTERS IS LOVE Music & Lyrics by Tish Meeks Stolen Kisses Music (BMI) verse1 I've been to the Superbowl skied at Lake Tahoe gone up in a hot air balloon I've snorkled in Mexico met Mickey in Orlando I just got my 10th tattoo pre chorus: I've had more money I could spend in a month lived the American dream wedding, kids, white picket fence but never making any sense I missed the underlying theme chorus: ah, oh…ah, oh all that matters is love verse2 rocked thousands on the jumbo-tron while they ran a marathon my band’s played on network tv partied to the break of dawn I've been in charge I’ve been a pawn even earned a college degree bridge: I’ve given birth, I’ve seen a ghost been back and forth from coast to coast I wrote a book, I’ve honored oaths my songs are on the radio I’ve fought the fight, I’ve held my post the one thing that I want the most…. verse3 gone hiking Mt. Lassen rafted down the Rio Grande had faith in what I couldn't see I've been on stage, I've been a fan known famous people, shaken hands there's always something more to achieve

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