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Sin Ti

Album: Latin Night
Layla Angulo






Sexy, Sultry New York Bachata crossover, including some of the heavy hitters from Prince Royce and Toby Love

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Sin ti, No puedo vivir! Me sobra el aire Ahogada en el deseo de estar junto a ti. Me faltan tus besos, Me faltan tus manos Tus caricias, tu amor tan profundo dentro de mi! Ay! Cómo me llenas, Como me amas, mi amor! Si fuera otra vida, estaría amándote Mientras tanto yo te veo en mis sueños (y hacemos el amor) (Very dreamy in background) Translation: Without you, I can't live. There’s too much air. I'm drowned in the desire to be next to you. I lack your kisses I miss your hands, Your touches, your love deep inside of me. Oh! How you fill me, How you love me, my love. If it were another life, I would be loving you. Meanwhile, I'll see you in my dreams.... (*whisper* and we'll be making love) --- In my dreams, I see you from above I only want to hold you, And caress you, but you're dreaming too, I'm loosing you. If only you could see me standing by your side Please don't cry y! I'm drowning from the tears in your eyes.... Sin ti, no puedo seguir, Me sobra el alma Algo falta No tiene palabras, Y hay que seguir! El momento equivocao Este amor esta cruzado Es injusto. Sin tenerte, yo te amo Translate: Without you, I can't keep going, I have spare soul, somethings missing, it has no words, and I HAVE to keep going the moment is mistaken, this love is crossed. It's not fair, without having you (next to me), I love you. --- Please dont leave me tonight I dont want to wake up From this dream of mine Please don't leave me tonight I don't want to wake up Just to be all alone again! I can see you, but you dont see me Wanna hold you, but ur fast a sleep Dont u go nowwhere I’m by your Side We can make it If keep on tryin! Sin ti Yo te quiero, Aunque no te veo... Yo te tengo En todos mis sueños (without you, i love you even if I can't see you I have you in all of my dreams) Sin ti, No puedo vivir Me sobra el aire, Ahogada en el deseo De estar junto a ti No puedo vivir, No puedo vivir, asi sin ti no baby!

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