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The Static video is the OFFICIAL debut solo video by the artist Eternal for the upbeat Pop/R&B smash single "Static"!

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Chorus: Static, electric, you know you want it So baby come get it, you won't regret it naw My loving is your.... It's your static baby My my my my loving is your.... It's your static baby yeah Verse 1: You need rebooting? Well I've arrived Delete and hit back space and watch you come alive You need a doctor? Well girl that's me A pro giving pleasure, I got a PhD Pre-chorus: I'm what you want, you know you can't deny Got you love drunk, pull over and let sex drive Girl you betta buckle up, break the speed limit all night Girl you betta buckle up cause I'm gon' give it to you right heyyy (Repeat Chorus) Verse 2: Turning on, when you get close Tap into me, and charge your soul I can be the one whose go keep you energized I can be the one whose gonna give it to you right ohhh (Repeat Pre-chorus) (Repeat Chorus)

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