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Little Darling

Album: Svanhildür EP
Marika Che






putting a little 1985 into 2010

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You run fast darling you’re the fastest in the town One day you’re gonna run far and you’re never gonna turn around You rise in the morning; bright in the sun; and there you are You’re everybody’s little darling, yes you are Breaking small laws just to feel a bit more alive If you don’t get caught then you feel a rush inside Heart on your sleeve; rips in your jeans; you are going far You are fortune’s favorite orphan, yes you are This is; is indecision But in my heart I know I’m a winner This is; is my decision It’s warm outside but in my heart It is winter Yes it is Yes it is Yes it is Yeah you know how to say no to anything To parents; lovers; to drugs and authorities Scaling a mountain; swimming in the sea, you are the best Until we all get our piece of you we’ll know no rest Local kids wanna pick a fight but you’re too fast You can hold your own but you’d rather just run past Cause you are, your own shining star, yes it’s true All kinds of people, want something different, they’re looking at you Music & Lyrics copyright Marika Justad

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