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Album: Kevin Defro
Kevin Defro






Kevin wears his heart on his sleeve in this epic ballad destined for a soundtrack. This song really takes a vintage turn from the bridge through the outro. This is an anthem!!

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Lately brother I've rediscovered The touch, smell and taste of another Slowly growing Love gives no warning I found my heart in you baby lover Tell a white lie Say whatcha' wanna say There's only love I'm road weary I need you hear with me If we could only see where we're goin' We make a choice we pay the price When we're wrong we get advice But all this doubt in you Leaves me broken Tell a white lie Say whatcha' wanna say Inside your eyes I can see yesterday How bad you cried when I turned away There's lonely love Time may turn the tide Blue skies may fade to grey We can choose to run and hide Or keep some hope inside To keep our love alive Another day There's only me There's only you I'm all you need

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