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The Jumping Flea Circus




From the album "Ukulele Jim's Jumping Flea Circus", Words and music by James Andrew Clark. James Andrew Clark: vocals, ukulele, fleas, sound effects Ben Ticehurst: tuba, organ, celesta Animation by Laef from Flakey Mojo Music,

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All of you children, come gather around The Jumping Flea Circus is coming to town The fleas have been traveling all over the world Spreading their joy to the boys and the girls All of the fun they have waiting for you Will only cost you a dime Come see the flea circus for a limited time The Tiny Top tent is set up on a tray And it's tied to a table so it won't blow away The ringmaster is a jolly little flea Who stands upon a thimble for all to see His ukulele is impossibly small And he plays it impossibly loud "Welcome to the circus!" he sings to the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen! Your attention, please! Welcome, one and all, to the circus of fleas! Here they come now to the center of the ring... Watch them perform as they jump and they sing! They're simply amazing as they leap through the air And pirouette with the greatest of ease! Folks, you're in for a treat! It's the world-famous circus of fleas!" (la la la la la la) A centipede balances on the high wire Grasshoppers jump through an earring of fire Spiders are swinging up on the trapeze Ladybugs dance with the acrobat fleas Pill bugs are shot from a cannon The Beetles play in a band The Jumping Flea circus is the best in the land Let's give a big cheer (hooray!) For the smallest show of the year Oh, The Jumping Flea Circus is finally here!

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