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Population You

Album: Seven Hours to Southland
Seven Hours to Southland




Americana / Alt Country


From the debut album recorded at the Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville, TN with 6X multiplatinum artist and producer Mark Slaughter.

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I watched the dust fly headin' down that road I've done this before, and always headed back home but not this time, I spent two long years right by your side, the cross on this chain, to the ring on my hand was a lie, we just weren't right, there was a time that we always knew we'd last, starting right now, I'm just a ghost in your past I had to hit that road and not look back it was time for me to go I had to find that place where every time I could leave and just let go Cause to stop in life is all you've known and I'm just passing through On the way out of town I saw a sign that said Population You Well that picture on the dash it took me back to the places that we knew, the life that we once had now it's gone, because the road less traveled well it called my name everything we once knew, it wouldn't be the same if I stayed, I left the cross and the ring for the next ghost in line... (Chorus) (Chorus)

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