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By: D.O.C






This song has been popular in many dance clubs

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I hit the dance floor cause there’s no use trying There’s no lullaby when you’re dying There’s just the blackness and then you’re flying Strip off this flesh and let me out of this skin Head to the bottom back to where I begin Sic in the head like I was before Need to escape and find that door Why do you think I’m Sic? Let it out Let the sickness bleed out Let your sickness out to bleed all over me Who is this behind this face? I don’t even know its name What is this I’m turning into? I’m a monster and it’s all because of you Trying to escape what I’ve become again What is this in the mirror? This monster in my skin I feel so cold There’s no morals to the stories that aren’t a lie There is no truth to be found until we die One more time Why do you think I’m Sic I’ve screamed for so long there is no sound I’ve been calling your name but you’re never around I just can’t seem to get past all your abuse But that’s all fine as long as you’re amused I’m tired of being your Toy

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